Sep 25, 2003
WTF am I talking about?

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Things have been boring lately. I haven't gone out in like 2 days...blahh. I'm trying to quit smoking but who knows if that will work! I had one cigarette yesterday and none today..AND I switched to Newport Lights; we'll see how long this will last. I was so bored yesterday I switched rooms! I moved all of my stuff from one room into another so now I have more room and it looks better. AHH I cannot believe I am talking about a ROOM! Anyway, Kristen got arrested the other night. She had to spend like 26 hours in jail! At least when I went to jail, Alex was with me and we only spent like 9 hours in there. Not to mention Alex and I were still drunk and we were exercising! lol Jaclyn and I are going to Rhode Island tomorrow to visit one of her friends in college. I HOPE I can get drunk, since it's been so long!

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Sep 21, 2003
eye love u

Ok, so I made a new journal type thing b/c lj and blurty are getting annoying. For all of u e-perverts out there that are reading my journal, "Kiss Me Quickly, FCUK Me Slowly" was a logo I saw on a t-shirt at FCUK. I went shopping today and saw the cutest jacket at Arden B, but I'm taking my mom shopping with me next time b/c her credit card will come in handy. This is the Louis Vuitton bag that I want soooo badly right now:

It's so cute. I have it in white already, but I had it all summer so it's kinda looking nasty now. I want like every LV bag in the Murakami collection. I also want a new Burberry b/c I've had mine since last Christmas and it's way too big.

I've been driving like everyday, but I don't even know if I have my license because of those stupid Myrtle Beachassholes.

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